Civil engineer with a (very) long and varied experience (Telecom, IT development / migration, process automation, management of large multidisciplinary projects in multilingual environment, postal automation systems, railway security systems,  …), I translate technical documents from very long time (internally or for third parties) and I put my technical translator’s skills available to businesses, administrations, organizations and individuals. I also work for translation agencies and advertising agencies in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Great-Britain, USA, Germany, Latvia, …

Translations (always into French) that I do, cover the following areas (not exhaustive):

–  IT (hardware, software, websites, …)
–  telecommunications (fixed and mobile telephony, Internet, radiocommunications, …)
–  automation of industrial processes
– machine-tools and construction equipment
– building (mainly insulation, …)
– robotics
– energy (including nuclear fission and fusion)
– railways systems (including driving aid systems and signalling/security systems )
– physics (quantum, solid state, nuclear, astrophysics, …)

For details about the different types of documents related to these areas, see ‘types of documents‘ and the languages from which I work, visit the heading ‘languages‘. Depending on the evolution of my partnerships with other freelance translators, other working languages will be added; anyway, do not hesitate to contact me if you have to translate a document written in a language not (yet) listed, together we will find a solution.